Career Timeline

Please refer to Mounir Ajam Career Timeline for a graphical view of Mounir's career path and timeline

Education and Early Career (Engineering)

1982 - 1990: this period cover Mounir's university education in the United States and his early career as an engineer working on various projects!

Project Management Roles and Global Experience

1990 - 2005: this period covers Mounir's experience in project management working on various projects from small and multiple projects to mega projects in the United States, Europe, South East Asia, and West Asia (Middle East)!

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and PM Services (The SUKAD Years)

2005 - Present: these are the "golden years" where we have shifted from employment to entrepreneurship, continued on our leadership path, and providing services to organizations across West Asia through SUKAD Group!

Special Expertise and Career Highlights

In this section we outline key highlights from Mounir's Career, with a focus on special areas of expertise.